RELG 2030.52

FALL (II) 2001

Bob Corbett, instructor

Meets: 6-10 PM Tuesday evenings.

Since there is no particular reading for the 5th class and the 6th class is all about Voodoo and art and Voodoo and music, I am making a quite demanding assignment that covers those two weeks.

All the assignments are for art. If anyone wishes to do Voodoo music instead you will have to make special arrangements with me ahead of time and be sure that you have ALREADY secured a significant amount of such music.

In the art work each student must locate at least 10 SPECIFICALLY Voodoo related paintings which are accepted by Corbett. There is a gigantic amount of such art on-line and consequently Corbett will accept on ONE use of any one painting and after a bit, even close out a painter altogether if too many of his/her pieces have been accepted. Only works by Haitian painters or sculptures or sequined-bead banners will be acceptable. I will set up a spread sheet on my computer to keep track and it will be first come first severed.

You will need to do several things for each of the 10 accepted pieces.

First, before you bother with the rest:

  1. Get the piece accepted by Corbett. To do so you will need the name of the painter and the name of the painting.
  2. Once accepted you will need to:
    1. Send Corbett the url for the painting.
    2. Make a print out of the painting.
    3. Prepare to make an oral presentation on this particular painter and the painting, particularly focused on the Voodoo aspects of the painting and relevant notions of Haitian painting and Voodoo.

We will spend a great deal of time in class on this, the entire of the 6th class and the last half of the 5th class.

All 10 must be accepted and the oral presentation, in order for the assignment itself to be counted as acceptable.

[NOTE: You must have at least THREE of the art items must be done by the 5TH class. That is an important part of the assignment, and were it not met exceptional written requirements in place of the oral will have to be met for those three items.


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