Genealogy of Mama Lola

A white Frenchman married A black woman
married in Africa in early 1800s.
She may have been an American black or a Haitian
traveling in Africa.

Child of this marriage:

Joseph Binbin Mauvant married Manman Marasa
b. about 1820 (in Africa)

after living in France, he migrated to Haiti as a young man.
d. (or disappeared) in about 1899

Children of Joseph and Manman Mauvant

  1. Didi Mauvant married Nicole
    1. Georges
    2. Keke
      1. Alphonse
      2. Joseph (twins)
      3. Marie Noseline (Sina) Joseph m. Alphonse Macena
        b. 1875
        m. 1890
        Alphonse Macena also had twin daughters by another woman before Sina.
        Children of Alphonse and Noseline Macena
        1. Medelice
        2. Gloria
          b. 1894 (?)
          Marie Therese b. about 1941
        3. Philomise married Luc Charles
          b. 1896
          d. 1973
          b. 1882
          Child of Luc and Philomise Charles
          1. Frank married Beatrice
            b. Jan. 19, 1915
          2. Chantel
            b. 1930
          3. Alourdes (her father was b. 1935 Alphonse Margarx married: Antoine Kowalski Dec. 30, 1954. Had no children with him.
            Children of Alourdes
            1. Jean-Pierre (father: Abner)
            2. Maggie (came to U.S. at age 12) (father: Charles Desinor, d. 1988) children of Maggie
              1. Betty
              2. Michael
              3. William (father was Rene) b. 1960 brain damaged by disease
              4. Kumar Luc also had a child Irma by another woman
              5. Marie Claire Mauvant (favorite child of family) child Clarice (youngest of others) died at age 5 of diarrhea

                Alourde came to the US in 1962. She was in her late 20s. Close to my own age.


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