Genoa's protesters are addled. But why do global leaders lack the courage of their convictions?

By Guy Sorman
In: The Wall Street Journal Europe, July 20-21, 2001

Assignment worth a total of 550 points.

  1. In order to separate out emotively loaded words -- which this article is filled with -- the critical thinker needs to look to the actual arguments and not just the "persuasion" by emotion which language can provide.

    In one place the author refers to the Greens as "tree-huggers." This is one clear example of strongly loaded emotive words.

    Pick out and identify 15 such STRONGLY emotive terms used in the paper to suggest something NEGATIVE about the group to whom it refers.

    (Each is of the 15 items and descriptions is worth 10 points, a total of 150 points): Number and list the 15 with one sentence to explain why it is an emotively negative term.

  2. The author identifies FOUR groups who need attacking here.

    Three of them are in the anti-globalization protest movement, one is on the other side.

    (Each of the four -- naming and describing -- is worth 100 points. 400 points total) For EACH of the four: Name and describe the group and make very clear what the author takes it is THAT group's position which the author attacks.

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