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#110: Boukan Ginen-Edner Guignard & Michel Pressoir-Steve Deats & Ti Ayiti-John Steve Brunache At Caribbean Plaza (fwd)

From: jean <jean@acd-pc.com>

This is another invitation to all Corbettlanders to visit Caribbean
Plaza. By the way I would like to thank Guy Antoine (especially for the
eloquent and encouraging review) and his better half and of course our
great Chairman and Executive Director  "danseur par excellence" Jocelyn
McMalla and wife Gigi for gracing us with their presence for the 
Boukman Eksperyans gig. 
For the entertainment @ l'Ajoupa:
Sat. July  10, Boukan Ginen   Show time: 10:00 pm

Sat.July 17, Steve Deats and Ti Ayiti Dance Company  Show Time:9:00 pm
	     & directly from Haiti vocalist Harry Juste  

Sat. July 24, "The Ajoupa All Stars"
              with the incomparable Haitian pianist Edner Guignard 
		+ vocalist Michel Pressoir  (on drums Jean Jean-Pierre)
Sat. July 31, folk singer John Steve Brunache and Friends

Caribbean Plaza is located  at 240 N. main Street, Spring Valley NY
tel: 914-371-2273  (Just 30 min. from the George Washington bridge)