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#127: "kind of development" : Veneman replies


Dear Forhaiti, 
There is a water project in Northwest Haiti in the town of Paskatabwa which 
collects the waters of a spring high in the mountains and delivers it to 
10,000 people through thrity miles of PVC pipe.  This project has been 
functioning for seven years and was funded by Rotary International and the 
Haitian government.  Water committees made up of the people along the 
pipeline have been formed.  These committees make the decisions on how much 
should be paid for the water, collect the monthly fees, and maintain the 
system.  The water flows from Grand Source to Poste Metier and Baie de 
Moustik.  This is an example of a project that was put in place by the labor 
of those who need the water with funding for materials donated by the 
government of Haiti in partnership with an American aid organization.  As a 
result of this project, the test scores of the children along the route of 
the pipeline have dramatically improved due to the fact that they no longer 
have to carry water for several miles each day.  They can spend more time 
studying and learning.  If you would like more information on this project, 
please contact me.  Tom Veneman