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#230: Corbett's library program now on line for all to use

It is with great excitement and joy that I write to inform you that
my program which catalogues my library, PROCITE4 is now on line
for your use and searches.  You will find it at:


What will you find there?

1.  Each item is sort of like an enriched library catalogue card.
	(At least each item is potentially that.)
2.  There are nearly 3,000 of these "cards" or items in the database
	(and, therefore, in my library).

However, the one draw back of the program is their search engine
(at least it exists), is HORRIBLE.  You can only search on a
single word on the normal search.  To search "toussaint" would
be find.  But to search Dupuy, Alex, you would get a "0 found"
since it won't recognie the common or the second word.

There is an advanced search, but again, one word per LINE in that

When you get a list of items, click on the left had box to
see the whole "card."

You can create bibliographies and print them or even the entire

Now, here is where you can "play" and help me build an every more
useful database.  There are lines on each item for:

	notes:  (It will take up to six pages)
	abstract:  I'd like to keep these at about 6 lines.
	keywords:  what the search engine will find.  PLEASE HELP

There is a line called "call number."  That tells me where the item is
in my library.  As you probably know, I don't lend books, but I
will look items up for you as I have time, and if it's not too much

However, in the future I will add items to the data base which I
don't have in my library.  Then on the "call number" line I will
just note:  Don't have this item.  or something like that.

So, please, make data contributions to me by e-mail, and I will change
the data base, making it more and more useful as time goes on.

I think this is certainly the largest bibliography on Haiti which
is on-line currently.  With your help this could become an even
more useful resource.

Please have a look:


Best,  Bob Corbett