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From: J Barnes <jbarnes@massed.net>

I have 2 ideas in Haiti for this person.  One is a more traditional route,
the other is an odd route.
The first idea is to contact APAAC (may stand for Association pour la
prevention des adictions alcoholic et chimique).  This is a Haitian
non-profit which has just inaugurated a drug rehab center in Musseau, not
too far from the Eagle Market.  I understand that they have a house with
eight rooms, their capacity is 24 patients. One of my friends is on their
board, Dr. Jacques Bartholi.  Jacques is usually very open minded and
helpful, if this remedy is for real he may want to talk to this person.  He
is listed in the Haiti phone book.
The second idea is that believe it or not, their is an Indian tribe settling
on LaGonave from Canada.  They are building something that they are calling
a Health Village.  They are claiming to be creating a place where one can
come an be healed with traditional remedies.  They said that in their oral
history they are related to the Indians of Haiti and they are returning to
their homeland.  I really wouldn't  know how to get in touch with them
except that there may be organizations serving LaGonav who have email such
as Fonkoze, Limye lavi.  They may know about how to get in touch with this
group.  Maybe the Canadian Embassy knows about them.