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#511: Help in Creole (fwd) Vedrine replies to Allen

From: Emmanuel W. Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

French does a make a distinction between "e ferme" vs. "e ouvert" whereas 
Kreyol doesn't and that the "accent aigu /ansantegi" comes into question. 
However, by respecting the way someone writes their name (in the case of 
using "aksantegi", I don't think we should take complete liberty to change 
that (as I said before) though in spoken Kreyol we (bilinguals) already know 
that we may not be pronouncing it with a French accent, but in written form 
it's like we were to follow a norm though I argue the Kreyol is a phonetic 
language. It's also good for quick reference (e.g, in research, through the 
web... [ref. to some one's name] in order to avoid confusion.

Some newspapers (sometimes) would write one version in parentheses but, hey 
I don't think we are going to look for five feet to the cat or "chercher 
midi a quatorze heure". And I mentioned before in the case of "Bon Nouvèl" 
(trying to help with a literacy program, dealing with Haitians who are 
monolingual or who have little knowledge of French). I can try to understand 
their philosophy (in terms of kreyolizing proper names), but still the 
question is: is this this a norm to follow or will be followed by all 
writers who writing in the vernacular language?

In closing, the issue was about "e aksantegi" and "e" (as oral vowel in 

- E.W.Vedrine

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