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#886: Where to get Creole novels?

From: Timothy S Brothers <tbrother@iupui.edu>

I'm studying Haitian creole and would appreciate knowing where I might buy
novels or other Haitian publications in creole.  I should note that I'm
already aware of the pubs of the U. of Kansas and Indiana U. creole
centers.  I've read "Tonton Libin," acquired from the Kansas center, and
the excellent introductory creole text written by Albert Valdman at
Indiana.  This summer I bought a copy of the Bible in Port-au-Prince, and
it certainly provides enough reading to keep me busy for a while (I'm
still in Genesis), but I would like more specifically Haitian
literature.  M'ap di nou mesi pou tout enfomasyon nou ka ba'm, mezanmi de
peyi Kobet.  

Tim Brothers