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#893: Pina replys to Dreyfus on Port-au-Prince (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

I would call it the result mandanto interruptus by a brutal military coup.  
Things are improving here and Haitis strength has always resided in the hope 
of her people, that despite how bad it may get, tommorow will be a better 
day for her children.  A lot of prayer for better lives happens everyday in 
this capital. To help me make through today, through tomorrow. I suppose I 
have been infected with this prayer and hope and no matter how difficult it 
is here, I choose to see the glass as half full and not half empty.

Haiti is a beautiful place and PAP can be just as beautiful.  I was at the 
Fontaine Lumineuse, now known as the Place des Nation Unies,in Becentaire.  
There have been at least 9000 people there every weekend... roller skating, 
families for strolls on Sundays evening etc.  Things are changing if only it 
we allow ourselves to see it.  Past a certain hour it must end because of 
the insecurity but it is certainly wonderful while it lasts.

On that note, I am deeply moved by the assasination today of Serge Briere by 
machine gunfire. He is the former husband of Marie-Michelle Rey who was the 
former MInister of Finance under Aristide.  He was an honest businessman 
involved in the ceramics industry in Haiti.  Just when things start to get a 
little better here another killing rears its ugly head.  If anything is ugly 
and decrepit in Haiti it is that. As usual, I question the timing and the 

Best Regards,


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