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934: Ginen: Vedrine comments

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

"Depi nan Ginen neg ap TRAYI neg"

The settlers put some of these stuffs in our heads during slavery times but 
we should be wise when writing to think of what we are jotting down before 
it get circulated and what impact it's going to have on the readers. If we 
want to go deeper into Haitian peasants culture, we observe that there is a 
sort of "togetherness" (e.g the "konbit" philosophy; don't they inherit that 
from AFRICA?). And where does the philosophy DIVIDE TO CONQUER come from? 
The division of Black
families during slavery times was something well calculated (because they 
were so tied, they could communicate in the same language and they could do 
many things together)... Let's try to get rid of COLONIZATION in our 

"Depi nan Ginen te gen bon nèg"

= = = = =


    I would like G. Averill and other "haitianists" to reflect on the 
    "Depi nan Ginen neg ap TRAYI neg" found in one of the first written
    collection of Haitian proverbs: "Wit and Wisdom of the Haitian People". 
It is
    very clear that the original proverb mentions TRAYI and not RAYI. What a
    Max Manigat

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