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#956: Japanese member (fwd)


Dear Corbetteers,

There used to be a Japanese woman in  Corbettland. She used to write quite 
often about her Haitian experiences and Haitian activities in Japan. I have 
not heard from her for a while. I forgot her name.

She came to mind when I saw Mihoko's e-mail exchanges with Joel. 

I was in Japan two years ago. I have developed quite a friendship with people 
from the East since . I found them down to earth, genuine people, and even 
easier to get along with than my own Haitian compatriots.

As my son was going away to college, I told him to make sure that he has an 
Asian friend among his peers. I was so happy 
when he came for a long weekend, an Asian student waited for him  for an hour 
near the train station so she could give him a ride back to campus. He 
listened to my advice.

On this note, I would like to say that I am interested to  hear from the East 
more often.

I hope Mihoko will stay in touch.