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#977: Vodou Initiation Group --- Another reply to DeGraff


We, Vodoun adepts of Haiti, have survived the Slave trade and countless 
"dechoukaj" periods in our new homeland. We have triumphed mostly because our 
spiritual power is strong. Often times, we have chosen not to respond to 
those that choose disloyal means in an attempt to destroy us.

    Today, we see initiation into our ancestral religion being advertised as 
a safari tour. We are portrayed as objects of curiosity and our beliefs as 
well. Our beloved  "Manman Hunyō" have become "pipi ladies". Foreigners to 
our culture have become our judges.

    Sure, these are critically serious matters. They just constitute a new 
challenge not worse than those we survived in our troubled past. We are not 
surprised, we are not strangers to this type of provocation. We sadly realize 
that we are just outcasts denied of our rights in our own country.

    Yet,  we shall overcome. Our Spirits have always been with us, they have 
demonstrated to an astonished world how they could help us conquer our 
Independance, they will help us in keeping it. Everything is just a question 
of time.

Bebe Pierre Louis