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#987: but IS Haiti your country? Durban replies

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

    Iím sorry, I didnít mean to upset you, and my
ďlogicĒ certainly doesnít mean you, as a Haitian
resident of the U.S. canít criticize a policy of the
U.S. government.  Heck, youíre in a free country and
have every right to speak your mind.  And furthermore,
I canít really blame you for wanting to stay in the
U.S. where life is no doubt much easier than in Haiti.
   HOWEVER, one of Haitiís problems is that by making
itself such an unattractive and dangerous place to
live (yes Kim, we know this is all the fault of the
U.S.), the people who can get out are doing just that.
 And those people are generally the better qualified,
better educated folks who potentially could contribute
the most to THEIR country.  I would guess that most of
the Haitian nationals on Robert Corbettís list fall
into this category.
   I frankly donít see a solution.  What is needed are
competent and honest people at the highest levels in
Haiti to bring about the right conditions for
spontaneous growth and development.  But those very
people..concerned Haitian nationals like yourself...
are doing just fine in New York, Washington, Paris,
Montreal, and Boston and one can hardly expect them to
drop it all to join the poorly paid and rather
dangerous political fray in Haiti.   


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