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#1026: ...but IS Haiti your country? (PINA responds to TONTONTOU) (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

Despite the rhetorical quality of your message, I applaud the spirit 
contained therein. We do all need to be concerned and, when possible, to 
speak with one loud and conscious voice against destructive US policies in 

As an American, it is not a question of whether I have the right to 
critisize US policy in Haiti, I have a responsibility to do so. If the US 
calls itself a democracy then that necessarily implies the need for an 
informed constituency. I will always seek to educate the American public of 
the ways in which their tax dollars are spent to pursue interventionist US 
foreign policy goals in their name in Haiti. An informed constituency is the 
best guarantee of a foreign policy that represents the best interests of the 
American people, not the interests of spoilers like Jesse Helms and the CIA.

Kevin Pina

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