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#1024:Re: but IS Haiti your country? A reply to Durban

Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 14:49:05 EST
Subject: Re: #987: but IS Haiti your country? Durban replies

I strongly agree with your point. Yes haiti seems like a very dangerous 
place, but are we more dangerouse than any other contry in the carribean or 
the US. My parents before me moved back to haiti were if the had satyed in 
the Us they could of had equally successful lives. My father (may he rest in 
peace) died there (of natural causes).
I'm prepairing for my own move back after finishing college, getting 
experinece, and getting married. I'll give you updates from there. But you 
know what I'm not afraid of the so caled zenglendo because i lived for a time 
in brooklyn and now on long Island and seen my share of Zengledos operate in 
this country.  But oddly the stuff that I have seen never ended up in the 
media.........Are we being scared away from our own country while hordes of 
Missionaries move in ?