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#1036: alternative tourism listing in Haiti and call for publications (fwd)

From: Yacine Khelladi <yacine@aacr.net>

(1) I would ask list members to please correct and complete  alternative
tourism listing in Haiti, that is online since a few months ago.
http://kiskeya-alternative.org/haiti/list-ht.html (updated August 8th
1999)  Several of them where localized through this very Bob Corbett
list, and most other are part of Destination Djondjon, Kiskeya
Alternative partner in Haiti http://kiskeya-alternative.org/djondon.  

We are preparing a new phase of our project, and much more info on
Haitian projects will be added later this year or beginning of the next
(if any:-)0)

(2) Also we have published several book and many papers/documents on
ecotourism + sustainable tourism on Dominican Rep, as papers on the
environmental problematic related to tourism, strategies a public
policies, laws and regulations, development and communities, attractives
and journeys, etc., that are of interest of operators, entrepreneurs,
researchers, and.. tourist, . For now it is not organized with thematic
index, but it will some day soon. http://kiskeya-alternative.org/publica
(99% in spnaish)

We would be very happy to add papers, publications, articles on tourism,
ecotourism, sustainable tourism as alternative for community
development, etc. in HAITI. 

For now I just have a paper from Anne LeGrace Benson in Creole that I
will scan, and I have tried several times to get Paul Parisky's "Can
HAiti Dream of ecotourism article" paper, unsuccessfully ...

So if you feel that you have (or know about) any material (either
printed or electronic format) that could be of interest to researchers,
operators, and visitors please contact me.

Thank you. 

Yacine Khelladi  <yacine@aacr.net> Research Coordinator
Kiskeya Alternative Destination Project 
tel: 1-809-537 89 77 (voicemail) 
Fax to email gateway: 1-209-882-6121 (USA)
P.O.Box 109-Z Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic