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#1041: Some medical news to share (fwd)

From: felix augustin <felix_augustin@hotmail.com>

My wife's uncle has been suffering for many years from prostate. I
recommended him to take "SAW PALMETO".  Three days later he felt so good
that he called me "HOUGAN".  He's been taking it for six months now and he
still feels very good.  I initially heard about this medicine from a african
american colleague whose father was suffering from the same disease and has
been taking it for years.

Prostate is very frequent in black people.  So I want to share the good news
with Haitians.  Please let someone you know suffering from prostate try saw
palmeto.  It could be a great relief for them.  It can be found in your
local food store, at Costco or GNC (General Nutrition Center).

Felix Augustin