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#1082: U.S. appoints new special Haiti coordinator (fwd)


U.S. appoints new special Haiti coordinator 
 06:23 p.m Nov 22, 1999 Eastern 

 WASHINGTON, Nov 22 (Reuters) - The Clinton administration has appointed
a new special coordinator for policy towards Haiti, with a mandate to
promote democracy, economic growth and human rights, the U.S. State
Department said on Monday. The coordinator, diplomat Donald Steinberg,
will also try to reduce narcotics trafficking and illegal migration from
Haiti to the United States, it said in a statement. Steinberg will
continue in his role as special representative for global demining
efforts, it added.  The U.S. led 20,000 foreign troops in invading Haiti
in September 1994 to oust a military regime and restore deposed        
President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who became the country's first        
freely elected president in 1990. A force of 400 U.S. military engineers
and medical specialists has remained in Haiti, but is expected to leave
by early next  year. Steinberg, a former ambassador to Angola and
presidential special assistant for African affairs, replaces David
Greenlee, named by President Bill Clinton as ambassador to Paraguay.