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#1078: Stan Goff introduces himself to list

From: Stan Goff <stangoff@all4democracy.org>

Hi folks.

I became interested in Haiti as an instrument of US foreign policy there,
when I was sent as a detachment operations chief for a Special Forces team
in 1994.  I have since retired, but my interest in Haiti has not only
abided, but increased.

I was expelled from the country in December 1994, with the clear impression
that my friendly relations with members of Lavalas, and my overt hostility
to the FADH, FRAPH, attaches, etc., led to that expulsion.  My stubborn
resistance to implement actions consistent with the official lie that FRAPH
was now the legitimate political opposition, and my resistance to redeploy
the FADH with their shiny new IPSF mask, ran head on into the diktat of the
US embassy and the task force command structure.  Then I was detained and
sent home.

Now I have written a book about the whole affair, which I am serializing at
an innovative on line publishing site.  The first few installments of the
story are on line, with more following each week.  In case any of the
readers are interested, it's at www.fatbrain.com .  Once there, you click
into "e-matter," type my name or haiti or Like to a Little Kingdom (the
title of the book) into the search box, and the list of chapters appear.

I just returned yesterday from my last visit.  As most of you know, there is
a problem with the Dominican Republic.  My own impression, based on long
experience with US Embassies, etc., is that DR doesn't take any decision of
this sensitivity and magnitude without "Daddy's" approval.  I think the
whole thing is a grotesque pretext to shuffle the options and prevent Fanmi
Lavalas from gaining simultaneous control over the executive and legislative
bodies.  I have not the slenderest thread of a doubt that Uncle Sam's creepy
little minions from Langley are hip-deep in the whole mess.

I know this doesn't sound like an ex-"Green Beret".  But life is funny
sometimes, and if we pay attention, we change.

Look forward to participating in and learning from this list.