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#1088: fear of Haiti? Fonda comments

From: Dave Fonda <fonphoto@snip.net>

I was in P-au-P about three weeks ago;  on a Friday evening at dusk it started to rain heavily and taxišs were impossible to find, the tap-taps already full.  Finally, fed-up and soaked, I gave up and walked from MLK and Jean Paul Deux to Delmas 75, a distance of maybe two miles (?).  

Through most of my walk it was dark, I ended up straying away from MLK onto side streets, and I was carrying several thousand dollars worth of photographic equipment.  I never once felt the least bit uncomfortable.

Well, OK, I was plenty uncomfortable.....  I was soaked to the skin!  But other than the numerous quizzical looks and the occasional amused comment about the crazy blan, I could have been taking a walk through my own suburban neighborhood.  

Certainly, this is not a walk that Išd under-take for pleasure, but I did feel comfortable enough to make it and would do so again if required.  Sure, Port is a major metropolis and, like any other such city, there are areas where I would not have walked alone in the dark, but on the whole Išve found it as safe as any major US city.

R E S P E C T;

     Dave Fonda

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