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#1110: On Ayitian Deportations: Ayitian mentality considered : reply to Simidor (fwd)

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

Mistreatment of people by another has been at the heart of mankind
survival early on. Question the "Hunters and Herdsman", our ancestors,
how it was in their days. They will tell us that canibalism was often a
resort until slavery was born as they began to settle down. Lucky were
the captured when they had to just work for the captors unwillingly. Was
it right to treat human being by eating them up or working them to their
last breath? Neither, was ethical, but whichever one could save a
person's life was justified, not that it was correct. 

	Up this present day, human being is subjected to mistreatement in one
form or another by other men. Is it right for the perpetrator to do so?
It is a matter of one's perspective and the temporal circumstance at
bay. But everything is tied up to one thing: plain economic survival for
either party involved. At this juncture "Who is right or wrong" becomes
irrelevant especially when the situation seems to be the same for all.
The question is how one can make better use of the other and either way
in a matter of time? 

	All that remains to do is how best one will defend him/herself without
being dependent on whomever holds his/her liberty or economic freedom on
a leash. It can be done two ways. Out of pride regardless of a bleak
future as one breaks away, by mere refusal to do what is requested of
him/her; that is a revolutionnary step. The other way is by
understanding the nature of the situation and work to extirpate the
roots of what brought it about without disrupting the flow of the
current. That is an evolutionary process which requires a keen
observation and willingness to change things; without the former the
latter is meaningless.

	One must understand, the nature of things and the nature of men to
unthread why men do what they do, and act appropriately. Yes, there are
a palliative immediate solution and a "long-term structural" one.
However, the state of things as they are today make the latter
impractical if it is to be done simultaneously with the former. They
can't be done simultaneously, if we understand the way Ayitian mind
works. Ayitians seem to be content with any situation that alleviates
their abdominal pain, and find the long-term means excruciating to seek
for. A mental state that strikes out any germ of pride. Their returning
to DR at night after being dumped during the day like trash (if what is
reported is true) or their returning at all every season is a proving

	If they equate living in Ayiti to "canibalism" because living
conditions are worst and accept all the humiliation from DR as
"slavery", I don't believe it possible that ephemeral solution for
immediate relief is the thing to do as the situation will perdure,
through permanent settelment in DR illegally or through seasonal
contract renewals. In their behalf and by fear of being misunderstood by
this horde of workers, Ayitian authorities might feel in the awkward
position to make demeaning gestures facing the DR authorities. Are we to
blame them or the people themselves with such a servile mentality?

	Not that I am painting an angelic portrait of Ayitian authories whom
ought to be blamed for not taking harsh measures from preventing the
recurring situation; whom could focus on "long-term structural"
solutions rather than wasting their time negotiating to stop the
deportations as DR feels it "right" to do so. Again what is right
depends on whose perspective and his/her sensitivity to economic
survival. It does not make sense for Ayitian authorities to try to make
deals when the people in behalf of whom they are acting view things
totally different or just don't care about their human rights being
violated. All they see is their lost opportunity to earn their daily
bread which they can do as well at home if they are up to it or were not
waiting for the government to create jobs for them.

	I refuse to blame Ayitian authorities for not doing such and such while
leaving the people intact whom also is at the heart of the problem as
well. It is time to shift the attention on the people and see also how
responsible they are for their misery. I bet you, if the Ayitian
governement rolls-up its sleeves and decides to absorb the returnees on
sugarcane plantation it is developing in Ayiti, the people will prefer
going back to DR even if benefits offered by Ayiti would be better. They
are too pride when they are in Ayiti. They don't wish to do this kind of
work at home, because it is too demeaning. That's a mentality they need
to work on to change. If one does not try to understand that, s/he is

	Let's not go by values we learn in the western world and try to apply
it to the misery of the Ayitian people. Considering the state of mind of
the Ayitian people as it is today, what steps should the Ayitian
authorities take to resolve the deportations problem once and for all is
the question to integrate in the active struggle to improve the lot of
Ayitians. Otherwise, by our activities of course we may get good
notoriety, but at the expense of the same people we are trying to help,
involuntarily this time. Let the deportations be with no attempt to
negotiate with DR while preventing lawfully Ayitians from leaving Ayiti.
Meanwhile, means to absorb them in constructive activities inside Ayiti
will be put in place.

	Restrictive laws should be enacted and enforced vigourously in Ayiti to
control both emigration and in-migration if some problems are to be
tackled. We keep failing to consider the people's responsibility in
their pursuit of individual and collective well-being, and keep pointing
the finger at the Ayitian government or outer governements either by
anger against Ayitian governments (personal vendata considered) or by
great moral values we've learned and are being promoted in the richer

	 There are not enough room, time, interests and patience in this forum
to devote in what these constructive activities should be or how they
should be conceived since many of us seem to like discussing what is
news and factual, rather than just plain ideas, concepts and the essence
of matters.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live