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#1129: On Ayitian Deportations: Ayitian mentality considered : reply from Dorce


In a message dated 11/26/1999 7:48:51 PM Pacific Standard Time, Ayiti has 
lived, lives and will live Mozeb writes:

<< Let's not go by values we learn in the western world and try to apply
 it to the misery of the Ayitian people. <snip> I refuse to blame Ayitian 
authorities for not doing such and such while leaving the people intact whom 
also is at the heart of the problem as well. It is time to shift the 
attention on the people and see also how
responsible they are for their misery. I bet you, if the Ayitian
governement rolls-up its sleeves and decides to absorb the returnees on
sugarcane plantation it is developing in Ayiti, the people will prefer
going back to DR even if benefits offered by Ayiti would be better. They
are too pride when they are in Ayiti. They don't wish to do this kind of
work at home, because it is too demeaning. That's a mentality they need
to work on to change. If one does not try to understand that, s/he is
Oh yes, by all means lets not go with Western values, translated: treating 
people with common decency and creating an environment where everyone may 
pursue happiness.   This is a clear case of blaming the victim.  If you make 
people into cattle you don't get to castigate them for their bovine ways.  We 
are not talking about a lost tribe in Kenya where Western civilization may 
not be applicable to customs and means of survival.  We are talking about a 
country where maybe 10% of the people think they are in the 20th century.  
You can't have it both ways......is Haiti civilized or is it primitive?  If 
you want to sit in the drawing  rooms of the wealthy in the world, you must 
emulate their social consciousness as well as their party manners.  A  
people's greatness is measured by how the least of them is treated.  (By the 
way, I am not happy with the way the US elites act either!)  People do what 
they must to survive, given their choices.  I think it is you who is 
delusional Mozeb.  It is stale to say that Americans just don't understand 
the Haitian psyche.  The top of the food chain in Haiti needs to look in the 
mirror......meet the enemy of Haiti, and see Tonton Sam right behind him.

Kathy Dorce'