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#1136: What's new through the Windows on Haiti? (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

Many new features have been added to your favorite Windows:

1) Three poems of Gina Ulysse < http://windowsonhaiti.com/gina.htm >
We are grateful to Gina for selecting Windows on Haiti as the medium to let
us get acquainted with her incisive style and her socially relevant
messages. Please read, but do not distribute. If you would like to share
with others, it is best to send them the following url:
"http://windowsonhaiti.com/gina.htm". Tell this young and talented writer
what you think of her poems, and encourage her association with our website.
Gina Ulysse's e-mail address is: gulysse@abacus.bates.edu . She is an
Assistant Professor of African-American Studies at Bates College in
Lewiston, Maine.

2) The Fondwa Page < http://windowsonhaiti.com/fondwa.htm >
You've heard the name. but you wonder why this corner of Haiti is so very
special to those who've visited it. We can't promise to solve this riddle
for you, but you will be well on your way to deciphering it, once you've
looked at all the beautiful pictures of its environment and read its
intriguing story.

3) News of Haiti and The Voice of America Creole broadcasts <
http://windowsonhaiti.com/surfnet.htm >
We survey the news sources about Haiti, and present the most reliable to you
under one umbrella.

4) There's an enhanced GiftShop which facilitates the research and purchase
of books and other items in time for the holiday season. Discounts are
aplenty, and your purchases help us defray our considerable expenses..

5) And, as always, the Commentary section <
http://windowsonhaiti.com/windows.htm >.
Catch up on what you've missed. You are of course invited to send us your
own essay or opinion.

6)  Here's one of the more pleasurable incentives to learn more about Kreyòl
and Haitian Culture: the abundance of insightful observations contained in
our proverbs. Every time you visit us or refresh your Windows on Haiti, look
at the lower part of your screen for a nugget of wisdom, Haitian style.

7) Finally, we have received a preview copy of Carrol Coates's translation
of Jacques Stephen Alexis's Compère Général Soleil, "General Sun, My
Brother" and we immediately set to read it.  So far, the reading is
extraordinary and wonderful, but we anxiously await our mailing list host
(Bob)'s anticipated review of this all-important release. For information on
the book, see its press release at http://windowsonhaiti.com/newrls1.htm .
To read more about Jacques Stephen Alexis, go to our literature page at
http://windowsonhaiti.com/ffrew.htm .

Whether or not you've driven a Ford lately, now's the time to get onboard
WOH's Magic TapTap. Have a wonderful time of it!

Guy S. Antoine
Look thru & Imagine!