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#1143: Which Erzulie? Morse asks ; Mcphee replies

From: Laura L Mcphee <llmcphee@iupui.edu>

In both texts I mentioned by Dayan, Erzulie is
treated as a complex and contradicting loa with
multiple manifestations.  The distinction is
primarly made between Freda and the multiple
Petro Erzulies (Danto, Ge-Rouge, Coeur Noir, 

These same distinctions are made in "Sacred
Art of Haitian Voudou" (Donald Cosentino,ed),
in which some excellent essays by a variety
of writers demonstrate the cultural, social,
and historical links with Voudou -- with
specific texts dedicated to the two "types"
of Erzulie figures.

Hope this clears it up a bit.