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#1151: For Haitian-American students (fwd)


Dear Corbett Friends,

I would like Haitian-American high school and college students  to comment on 
some issues that I am hearing. I would like the "experts" to let the new 
generation respond. I have heard enough of their expertise.
 Several high school and college students are telling me about the "identity 
issue" that young  Haitian-Americans are raising or having on campus. Young 
Haitians are trying to "find themselves" . They feel like they are being 
considered as Afro-Americans, but they sense they are "different". They have 
a different culture, a different upbringing from  Afro Americans.  They are 
trying to reach or get involved in Haitian communities where their schools 
are as one way to "find themselves."
Is this some students' perception ? How prevalent is that sentiment in other 
high schools and colleges?
If that conception is valid, what can adults do, what could they have done to 
prevent it? 
If it is only some students' concerns, what advice do you have for those 
My son is a  freshman in college. He would appreciate to hear from other 
Thank you,