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#1153: agreeing with Barnes (fwd)



I want to side with Josiane. My college son who was born here wants me to 
e-mail him in Creole.
Several Haitian students form Harvard have come to my parish wanting to get 
involved in the Haitian community. They want to learn Creole. Most americans 
I know want to learn Creole.
Therefore, I find this "bilingualism" discussion boring and senseless. It 
lacks vitality.

As I said yesterday the issue now should be what kind of system can be 
established to support those who are writing in Creole, who want to make 
quality reading materials available to Creole speakers, keeping in mind that 
the majority of Creole speakers don't have money to buy books. Creole writers 
don't have money either to do self -publishings.

I  taught in Creole for 12 years. The kids had no problems learning in 

Let's talk rather about some of the issues that the youth in the U.S see 
themselves facing because of that 300 year discussion.