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#1168: TRIPS MAGAZINE!!! A correspondence

From: Peggy Stines <peggystines@hotmail.com>

Hello everyone,
Below is a letter that I received from Mr Wilson regarding the TRIPS 
magazine issue entitled : WHO GOES THERE?...I hope you all have a nice day.

Peggy Stines

Dear Ms. Stines,

I am following up on our email conversation from the week before last.
First to see if you found out who wrote the "infectious disease" comment,
because I would also like to know.

Secondly, I am writing to ask for your help on a certain matter of
misinformation. Through last week, I still have received a number of
emails, and so has Trips, which still accuse me of making the "infectious
disease" comment. Some of these people claim to have seen something
posted on a listserv or newsgroup. A reporter from a Haitian-American
newspaper in Florida has even called the editor (but not me) about this.
Many of the people who have written have not read my entire article--only
the first few paragraphs, and some know only about the "infectious
disease" comment, which has by now been attributed unfairly to me. Some
of the emails have been vaguely threatening, and one even mentioned

I notice that your email address appears as a CC or Forward on some of
the emails received, and so I want to ask you if you would clear up this
confusion with the people that you know.

As I said before, I am willing to take the full brunt of disagreement
with my work, my article in my words, but I refuse to accept any
responsibility for something I did not write.

Please circulate my original response to you if you would like.

Thank you,

Jason Wilson

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