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#1180: Bilingualism: Dorce continues discussion with Durran


In a message dated 11/30/1999 6:11:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, Mary Durran 
<mdurran@colba.net writes:

<< the minority French speakers are also the
 powerful people in the country, and how does one get this powerful minority
 to stop devaluing Creole?   >>
The same way apartheid was defeated in South Africa, the condemnation of the 
rest of the world.  Good old fashioned peer pressure.  But how to get the US 
to condemn the power elite in Haiti when they have been in cahoots with them 
all these many  years?  I always think that if the American people knew the 
real story of Haiti, they would force the politicians to do the right thing.  
I fear that Haiti's elite feel they have too much to lose by embracing their 
Haitian-ness.  They have the arrogance to believe that their Haiti is the 
true Haiti......that could not be further from the truth.  If all of Haiti 
were like the elite's Haiti....I  wouldn't spend two seconds thinking about 
it.  And I daresay nor would most of the non-Haitians who love Haiti.  
Because a thing is reality doesn't mean it should be accepted.

  "Some people see things as they are, I see things as they should be."