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#1199: quadralingual : Morris comments

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

how about a quadralingual(sp?) education...since we're basically 
starting at ground zero, the children could be given two hours or so a 
day in each language: creole, english, spanish and french...regular 
courses but in each language...my kids are currently in a bi-lingual 
school, french and english...each school could even have a health 
center, food program, vocational training and adult education..

in reponse to creole writings, one of the most profound bodies of work 
that i have ever come across are the vodou ceremonial songs...they're 
all in creole and people are constantly asking me and others for 
translations...if you feel it in creole, write it in creole...you may 
not get immediate results but what are you looking for?...artistic 
expression or the mass media....creole survives, creole adapts, creole 
incorporates...most of the great haitian writers have done their 
research in the provinces, learning from the "un-educated" in creole... 
translations are done when the demand is there...every year students 
come to haiti from all over the world asking questions, looking for 
answers, seeking knowledge, learning creole...there are some creole 
concepts that are extremely difficult to translate into other 
languages...i'm currently reading an english translation of price-
mars...he researched in creole, wrote in french and i'm reading him in 
english...he is gone but the work lives on... "travay la ap fe chemin 
li".. the work is following its due course....

richard morse