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#1202: Exchange rate going higher (fwd)

From: LBushey <lbushey@globelsud.net>

     Just to let you know, here in Haiti the rate when you change from US 
     funds in Haitian gourdes has been increasing rapidly each day. I just 
     got 3.61% ($1.00 US made $3.61 haitian dollars). Who knows for 
     Also if you have not already heard there is an incredible organization 
     here, Fonkoze, who will change money, do transfers from the States 
     etc. Best part is that the money is used for merchant loans etc.
     They are: Fonkoze, Haiti's Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor.
     (509) 221-7641/221-7631  fax 221-7520  Ave Jean Paul II #7 
     Port-au-Prince fonkoze@aol.com  snail mail through Lynx Air
     It's cloudy today, but all else is well in our beautiful Haiti. 
     Lauri Bushey