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#1218: U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Resigns (fwd)


Wednesday December 1 2:04 PM ET ___ U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Resigns

 PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - Timothy Michael Carney, the U.S. ambassador
to Haiti, has resigned from his position after almost two years in the
post, U.S. officials said on Wednesday. ``The United States embassy can
now confirm that the president of the United States has accepted the
resignation of Timothy Michael Carney,'' the embassy said in a statement
read to Reuters. ``Ambassador Carney will retire after 32 years in the
foreign service, effective December 31, 1999. After a short vacation he
 plans to pursue interests in foreign affairs, most probably through the
private sector,'' the statement said. Carney became ambassador to Haiti
on January 10, 1997. There was no further explanation given for his
resignation and no replacement had yet been named.