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#1227: food/education : Morse comments

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

when i first came to haiti in september of '85 i was living in a school 
my mom, emerante de pradines, had started for lesser advantaged 
kids...the school was in the martissant section of carrefour...the kids 
who weren't on scholarship paid 25 gourdes a month, about a gourde a 
day, for schooling....the parents of these kids didn't know whether a 
gourde a day was too big a sacrifice for an education....when school 
opened in october, the kids would play by hitting each other over their 
heads with rocks... there was also alot of general rock throwing...i 
still remember cleaning a young girl's head wound...i thought the kids 
lacked discipline and so i hired a physical education teacher to help 
instill some discipline...the rock throwing stopped for two days...in 
november i bought some ble, mais,du riz, pois rouge, pois nois, pois 
congo, etc., and started a lunch program...the rock throwing stopped....

richard morse