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#1229: Haitian potential


neg lakay,

i agree with you 100%. haitians, especially those not yet corrupt by cultural 
imperialism and the "magouy"of capitalist propaganda, have great potentials 
to develop a better Haiti, for haitians and other nationlities to enjoy a 
much different and less corrupt enviroment.

take the haitian peasants for example. they are hard working, maybe 
illiterate but highly intelligent and have survived many difficulties and 
still keep their dignity and continue to struggle  for the best for 
themselves and their children.

when they leave Haiti to go to the U.S. with no knowledge of the english 
language and the enviroment in genera, even with low low wages they achieve 
great succes and yet still keep their dignity and culture. 

if we watch the peasants closely, living their humble lives we can make great 

my only hope is that we liberate Haiti from U.S. imperialism, thus getting 
rid of cultural imperialism  before they corrupt the rest of us, especially 
the peasants into becoming acculturated with consumerism and other vices.

kenbe la!