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#1235: Odd little Creole book from 1940

>From Bob Corbett:  In the midst of all this talk of Creole, yesterday's
mail brought me a very odd little Creole book from 1940, which I think
is quite early for Creole/English.

The booklet is entitled:  CREOLE IN ONE LESSON.  WITH PHONETIC  
PRONUNCIATIONS.  By James Zellon.  Published in Port-au-Prince.

It's not much.  It was a booklet for tourists and have about 40
phrases in Creole and English, then a dictionary of Creole/English
at the end, not a huge dictionary, but a dozen or more pages.

It's nicely done with so graphics and so on.  Next to the 1920s piece
from the U.S. Marines, it's one of the earliest of this sort of thing
I've found.

But, it now gets tucked safely into my language section of my library.

Bob Corbett