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#1237: Re: #1206: Bilinguism: Dorce replies to Delatour


In a message dated 12/02/1999 5:33:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, Mario L. 
Delatour <mardel@gol.com>
> Tokyo Japan writes:

<< >  Would'nt you say your husband is drepriving himself of the opportunity
 > converse and further his knowledge of the French language?
 > With all due respect to the man for I dont know him. Could it be that his
 > proficiency in the French language is lacking,and that he becomes
 > aware of it when he converses in French to fellow Haitians? >>

I had to smile when I read this.  My husband is proud that he can speak 
French with French speaking people....and does so with relish.  I am not 
fluent in French but everyone he speaks to in that language understands him 
perfectly and shows him respect so I am assuming that he is speaking 
correctly.  However you forget that in Haiti this is not about language per 
se but class.  He is well aware of how French is used in Haiti as a 
separator.  If not the French language then it would be something else to 
ensure proper class designation.  When you are with your friends of course 
you choose the language you all are most comfortable with.  If you were to 
meet him and speak French to him, and he responded to you in Kreyol, would 
you switch to Kreyol too?  If not, why not?  The truth is, all Haitians (in 
Haiti) speak Kreyol, while French is limited. Unless there is shame involved, 
why not try Kreyol first?