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#1246: Erzulie and continuity? Morse comments

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

the vodou rites coming from africa are usually referred to as 
"rada",(congo, ibo, yanvalou, mahi, etc,) not to be confused with 
"rara"....the rites originating from haiti are generally referred to as 
"petro"(fran, macaya, ti jocelyn, etc.)....the drums used in these 
differing ceremonies are not the same....the rada drums are tuned by 
hitting the protruding pegs...the petro drums are tightened by 
cord...i'm not familiar with the historical data (tongue cutting, etc.) 
you've provided but i do know that freda and dantor speak very 
differently from each other and i've always needed a multitude of 
"langaj to creole" translators to understand the message...the 
translation is almost a guessing game but the lwa nods in agreement 
when you get it right....their langauge is definately NOT french, 
english, or spanish...as for "langaj" textbooks for the schools, i 
haven't come across any yet so i assume the "educated" still have to go 
learn from the "uneducated"....

richard morse