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#1261: not attacking anyone (fwd)


I would like to tell Mary that I am not attacking anyone. I may not have a 
college under my posts or a PHd after my name, but many of those professors 
on this line know me personally or know the kind of work I have been  doing 
and the writings I have done though I have not written a book yet.
I don't know if Mary just joined Corbetland. Those who  follow  my messages 
would agree that my interventions are not asking for a party.
As I said I am an educator who had used Creole in my teaching for twelve 
years. I have been writing in Creole for almost 20 years. Some of my writings 
were published in Libete, Bon Nouvel and Haiti en Marche's TiGout pa Tigout 
Creole section.

I have written hundreds of times that the issue should now be developing 
science, math, research based, non-fiction materials in Creole.
As an educator, I support linguistic findings. A basic knowledge  of 
linguistics had added to my pedagogical "life". 
I don't think Mary is being objective when she said this is a call for a 
party by asking to use a "plain language." I will be the first person to 
remove myself from this discussion line if it ever becomes a "party". There 
are many "parties" in cyberspace. I don't go to them. I know where to go if I 
need to party.
There are several English professors in this line. Bob gave great personal 
anecdotes to support  a "plain language' discussion. There are several 
English professors in this line who can comment on type of "language" they 
encourage their students to use.
I have just had enough of that discussion.
Why don't some one try to translate Richard Morse's song?