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#1253: Plain Talk : Joseph comments

From: Dotie Joseph <dotiej@hotmail.com>

Greetings all,

I just wanted to add one teeny little comment about "plain talk." The manner 
in which you communicate should be dictated by what you mean to 
accomplish--ie. to educate, inform, seriously discuss, or just to hear 
yourself talk. If your aim is any but that last, it's a must that you 
consider your audience. As many have justly pointed out, there are a variety 
of folk on the list. When you use too much academic (or specificaly 
linguistic or philosophical or whatever specific area) jargon, you're 
destined to lose conveying some of what you are trying to say. Personally, I 
love it when the "academics"/"experts" on the list a)use some of their 
jargon becasue it adds to my leaarning process and b) include sources so 
that if it peks my interest, I can research a lil further for myself. So if 
you want to use your highly decorated or meaning-loaded lingo, that's fine 
(especially when you can't help), but just keep in mind that some of the 
message may be lost.

Just my 2 cents,
Dotie Joseph

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