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#1273: A response to Delatour from Mignot

From: Sandra Mignot <s-mignot@designer-gift.com>

The comment from Delatour seems a little bit dramatizing about the
deportees. What are the proofs linking deportees with drug trafficking in
Haiti ? There is an interesting article on Medianet (Panos Institute
http://www.panosinst.org/Haiti/h5-99e.htm), about the subject of deportees. 

> That prison along with a couple of other ones I visited were infested with
young hard core criminals who clearly had
the States as their training ground, says Mr Delatour.

According to the article above : 3 deportees out of 202 were sent to Haiti
after being accused of manslaughter in the States
(source : Office of policy and planning, US Immigration and Naturalizeation
service). Who's right ? Maybe the stats has suddenly  increased in 99 or
haitian jails are really small... 
> whats cool in Haiti today is" YOH ..WHATS UP BROS..WHAT IT BE.." and a 9mm
tucked away under a shirt some where + a
couple of keys of Columbian "Coke".
Don't forget that what is happening in PAP is not always happening anywhere
else in the country. Maybe you've seen a dozen of those youngsters on the
Champ de Mars at night. But please, don't generalize. 

And sorry for my bad english, one of the reasons why I'm not participating
often on Corbettlist.

Sandra Mignot