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#1277: Needs some help

From: Laureen Phillips <LPhillips@sorosny.org>

I work for the Open Society Institute - New York.  I urgently need to get one of
our Teaching Fellows who is in Haiti her passport, so she can travel to the Ukraine
to participate in our Annual Conference.  She has sent me her passport in order to
get a Ukrainian visa, and the visa will only be ready tomorrow, Tuesday December 6,
1999.  However, she is flying out Thursday morning, and DHL and Federal Express are
unable to deliver a package in that timeframe.  If anybody knows of anyone flying
to Haiti Tuesday or Wednesday, who would be willing to bring her her passport, I
could arrange for a car from the  National Foundation in Haiti (Foundation
Connaisance et Liberte)  to pick them up from the airport, or to pick the passport
up from them from where they are staying in Port-au-Prince.  If anyone has any
leads, please contact me at lphillips@sorosny.org or 212548-0136.

Thank you, 
Laurie Phillips
Open Society Institute - New York