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#1279: Jacques Stephen Alexis : Coates replies

From: Carrol Coates <ccoates@binghamton.edu>

Yes, it was published in PRESENCE AFRICAINE the year he gave the talk:
there was an English version and a French version in two simultaneous issues.

The "Prolegomene" was included under a general title (with a prefatory
note) entitled "Du realisme merveilleux des Haitiens" / "Of the Marvellous
Realism of the Haitians"--the Fr. version was in PRESENCE AFRICAINE 8-10
(June-Nov. 1956):  245-271  and the Eng. version in the "English Language
Series":  Nos. 8-12 (June Nov. 1956), 249-275.  

If you are at New York University, your library should have PRESENCE

(Bob, I am sending this back through you in case other subscribers may be

Best, Carrol Coates

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