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#1284: Article on Haiti : Malone recommends

From: david malone <malone@ipacademy.org>

Ian Martin's article (which I reviewed in draft for the Journal of Latin American Studies) is highly authoritative.  I strongly recommend it.  As you may recall, Ian, a former Secretary-General of Amnesty International, played a key role in Haiti mid-decade for the UN on the civilian and human rights front (along with Colin Granderson and Bill O'Neill among others). 

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From: Elizabeth McAlister <emcalister@mail.wesleyan.edu>

This article came out in Latin American  Studies Journal this week. Sorry,
I don't have a copy but am just reporting it to the group.  Best--Liza

JT Journal of Latin American studies.
DA OCT 01 1999 v 31 n 3
PG 711   
AU Martin, Ian   
TI Haiti: International Force or National Compromise?   
SI 0022-216X(19991001)31:3L.711:HIFO;1-   

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