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1286: Inactive or silent participants (fwd)


Since I see this phrase by Sandra
"And sorry for my bad english, one of the reasons why I'm not participating 
often on Corbettlist."

I was feeling quite apprehensive about the lack of irresponsive members. I 
feel like this is a family and only some members contribute . I feel those 
who don't interact, just take, but don't give anything. It is not a healthy 
sentiment. Can other participants comment on why they don't write or comment 
on any of the topics?I  don't think I want to see 800 postings every day nor 
does Bob have time to read all of them. But can we  hear just once from some 
like Sandra and others from England, Australia, Switzerland, New York, 
Boston, California, New Jersey that I  met in Olofson, au Cap, in France, in 
Boston, New York?
There are those also who are not in Corbett's Land but got posts forwarded to 
them. I would like to hear from you also if  Bob  doesn't mind posting your 

I would like to tell Sandra that her English is not bad. I have seen worse 
than that from native English speakers. The English professors in Corbett 
Land can correct me if I am wrong.