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#1288: Creole vs French : M-V Aristide replies to Delatour

From: Marx-Vilaire Aristide <aristide@myself.com>

Mr. Delatour writes:
>  This discussion has dwindled down to a mere 2 or 3
> participants in the last few days.Mr Corbett has informed us that there are
> 800 people on this list. Where are they? Have they all gone to sleep on
> this issue? Are they not interested? Or are they too intimidated as
> "average persons" to face the so called "experts"on this issue ? Or are they
> patiently giving us a hint for the discussion to move on to another topic? We are
> here I believe, to discuss crucial problems facing Haiti and the Haitians.

I, for one, find the discussion on Haitian Creole to be tremendously
healthy and informative. In particular, I feel privileged to have Mr.
DeGraff's expertise on such a fundamentally critical issue. It IS a
"crucial problem facing Haiti and Haitians." To those who wish to
discuss other topics: Just do it! No matter how small the number of
participants, let the debate on language follow its natural course,
which includes the "beating it to death" option. Besides, nobody on this
list, host included, has the prerogative to decide for how long
"crucial" problems are to be discussed, and when they should be shelved.

Marx-Vilaire Aristide