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#1295: Plane crashes after drug deal in Haiti (fwd)


Plane crashes after drug deal in Haiti  03:44 p.m Dec 07, 1999 Eastern 

CROIX-DES-BOUQUETS, Haiti, Dec 7 (Reuters) - Two Colombian men died in a
plane crash in Haiti after what appeared to be a drug deal that turned
sour, police said on Tuesday. The single-engine plane crashed on Sunday
night in a field in Croix-des-Bouquets, a village north of
Port-au-Prince, but did not become public knowledge until Tuesday.   
``It looks like a drug deal gone bad,'' a police officer at the     
scene said. He said it appeared the aircraft had landed, made the drug
transaction and crashed on takeoff, possibly after sabotage from people
on the ground. The charred remains of the plane were found scattered in
a dusty field where goats grazed on weeds. No drugs or money  were found
at the scene, and the bodies of the two victims were found lying next to
one another nearby. U.S. officials contend that Haiti is a major
transshipment point for illegal drugs making their way to the United
States from South America.