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#1300: haiti/cuba/miami (fwd)

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

i just spent the weekend in miami and the big scandal there is about 
this six year old cuban boy whose mother died when their boat capsized 
on route from cuba to miami...i kept seeing images of the boy 
celebrating his birthday, surrounded by family playing with a racing 
car set....they were saying that he shouldn't be sent back to cuba and 
his father because of the social/political conditions in cuba...i keep 
wondering to myself, had the boy been haitian instead of cuban, would 
he have already been returned to haiti?...would he have been put in a 
detainment facility, or would he have been partying with his relatives 
in miami?...who makes these decisions?...miami cubans?.. americans?... 
whats going on?....is it a race issue or a nationality issue?... the 
cuban refugees i've seen on television are light skinned, whats that 
all about...when you look at healthcare and education in cuba, they're 
light years ahead of haiti..if cuban conditions warrant that refugees 
shouldn't be repatriated, what does that say for haitian conditions and 
haitian refugees... are miami cubans refining their electorate
(dominican style)?...
i wish only the best for the six year old cuban boy but he's only the 
tip of the iceburg.....

richard morse