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#1307: Erzulie and continuity: Khelladi replies to Davis

From: Yacine Khelladi <yacine@aacr.net>

Maybe is Erzily also a cousin of  "ANAISA" (anaisse?)is worshiped a lot
in Dominican popular religion 
I Never heard about her in Haiti, but here complete name is said here to
be  ANAISA PIE which is haitian last name and a song say "viene de
haiti" (comes from haiti). She dresses yellow, likes beer (iced
presidente:-), perfumes, is very coquette, and the one that deals with
love sex relations, preferred of women, etc. Her catholic icon is by
Saint Anne - Santa Anna. She must be also cousin of OSHUM the Yoruba
Orisha (in brazil and Cuba). (note: I'm no priest, no hougan, no
anthropologist not ethnologist no nothinglist... just amateur and those
are personal observations.)
Kembe la.