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#1328: City Council Hearing in Boston


To Corbetteers in the Boston Area,
Please come and support Voting Rights for Immigrants in Cambridge City Hall 
on Monday December 13th at 7:00 P.M at 795 Mass Ave.

There is an important  City Council hearing in Cambridge City Hall on  Monday 
December 13. There is a movement to allow  immigrants to vote for school 
committee members. They want the City Council to vote on that motion. The 
organizers, mostly  white americans want to see the immigrants there.  
Haitians are the largest immigrant groups from one country  in that town. 
Spanish speakers outnumber them because they come from all over Latin America.
The Haitian presence is very important in that hearing. Other clergy members 
are aware of this endeavor and supporting the idea of voting rights for 
immigrants. Haitian  clergy members should support voting rights also. 
Voting and education are  two of the most powerful tools in this country.
It is very embarrassing that americans are the  ones advocating for us 
immigrants and in  many instances the immigrants , specially Haitians  don't 
show up in the meetings to demonstrate support.
Haitians in Miami are able to obtain ballots in Creole because they are 
politically involved. It's about time that the rest of the estimated 1 
million Haitians in the U.S get engaged in the U.S political affairs. They 
have get more vocal in the issues.
I don't think those of us in the Northeast can even start thinking about 
having ballots in Creole if we are not going to PTO's ,school, town and  
municipal meetings, not to mention voting booths.