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#1330: Re: medications : A comment


Dear Dr. Nelson:

I am sorry about the problem you've encountered at the Haiti customs
regardign the holding of your medical supplies.  Our organization, Batey
Relief Alliance, carries out medical relief missions in the batey every
year - also engages the Dominican government in the process.  As a result,
we rarely have problems retrieving our materials.  Although Haiti is not the
Dominican Republic, but it is still the same island and are small countries
with limited resources.  You may find it helpful to contact the Haitian
consulate or Embassy in the United States.  They may be able to direct you.

I am also writing to inform you about our medical missions in the batey
where the impoverished Haitian/Dominicans live under sub-basic conditions.
We provide medical assistance to them by traveling with teams of American
and Canadian health care providers - general medicine, optometry, dental,
pediatrics, etc.  If you are interested in joining us and need more
information, please contact us at (718) 434-6388 or
bateyrelief@mindspring.com or visit us at www.bateyrelief.org.  Our next
medical mission in set for July 2000.

Ulrick Gaillard, J.D.